RPCs are very similar to webhooks, but instead of us sending you a POST request, you poll an endpoint on our servers to get the latest data. This is useful for services that aren’t exposed to public traffic, or in cases where you want to control the data flow more precisely.

We’ve built RPCs for events in common web services that you may want to listen for. All of these hooks are meant to be multi-tenant (you can use them to listen for events on your users’ software), and are capable of taking care of OAuth authentication for you.


Triggered when a new block is created on the Solana blockchain.

  • The underlying API enforces a rate limit of 1 request every 3 seconds. DryMerge will provide all new blocks that occurred within the last 3 seconds in a single response.
  • With an API key for the underlying service, this granularity can be brought down to every second. However, this costs $50/month, so we don’t recommend it unless you really need it.

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