Using the DryMerge Chat Interface

DryMerge provides a powerful and intuitive chat interface that allows you to create automations and integrations between your favorite tools using natural language. Simply describe what you want to happen in plain English, and DryMerge will set up the automation for you.

To get started, open up a chat with DryMerge. Explain the automation you’d like to create, specifying the tools involved (e.g. Gmail, Slack, Salesforce), the triggering event (e.g. receiving an email), and the desired action (e.g. posting a notification in Slack and updating Salesforce). For example, you could say: “When I receive an inflammatory email from a big customer, please notify me on Slack with a summary and update Salesforce.” DryMerge will then confirm the details with you and set up the automation.

You can create all sorts of powerful workflows with DryMerge’s chat interface. Want to automatically add new Hubspot contacts to a Google Sheet? Just ask DryMerge. Need to post new GitHub issues to a Linear project? Tell DryMerge and it’ll handle it. Any automation you can describe involving the supported tools, DryMerge can set up for you in seconds via the chat. It’s automation made easy through the power of natural language.

To start automating with DryMerge, head over to