Workflow Infrastructre

We have two types of workflow infra: triggers and cronjobs. Triggers are used to kick off workflows based on events, such as a new row being added to a database or a new file being uploaded to a bucket. Cronjobs are used to kick off workflows at a regular interval, such as every 5 minutes or every day at 3pm.

Workflow Shape

DryMerge workflows are defined as a dependency graph. Each node in the graph is a DryMerge entity, which can represent an API call, a function, or a data manipulation. With a dependency graph, we’re able to cleanly represent all sorts of common workflows.

I Just Want to Get Started

We’ve gotcha. We made DryMerge to be LLM-writable; the ideal DryMerge UX is using our Dry Make GPT to generate DryMerge config. Simply describe your workflow in plain English and our agent will attempt to generate DryMerge config for you. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep iterating. We want the UI to be as conversational as possible, so please let us know if you have any feedback.

What next?

We can walk you through the basics of how DryMerge config works starting in the next section.