How does it work?

  • Our chat bot will have conversations with users about features and integrations they want.
  • The bot will write out the DryMerge config to construct requested workflows.
    • Most use cases we’ve run into include a trigger for events happening in external tools (for example, customer receiving an email or slack message) to kick off an interaction on your service.
    • Occasionally, users want to finish off with some final action such as a notification or an update in a spreadsheet.
    • More complex workflows are also generated if your customers are powerusers.
  • You simply specify which APIs and functions you want our bot to link into its workflows.

How do I get started?

We can work with you to create a library of templates for interacting with your service. This can include API calls to your services, remote calls to your functions, or any combination of those things. The template library will be referenced by the bot when building workflows, along with our pre-existing integrations and other workflow features. Get in contact here.

What code changes do I need to make?

The code changes necessary here are super minimal — you pretty much need to create an iframe to our page and a lightweight API endpoint; from what we’ve seen with existing users, this shouldn’t take more than half an hour. Instructions are detailed here.