Changing the Default Agent’s Behavior

  • The page is where your default agent lives.
  • You can change how it functions by going to and editing the Integration Config section.
  • This will let you change the workflows and templates your DryMerge bot has access to as well as how it should think about responding to user queries with actions, how it should act around the user, etc.

Adding your own Authentication

  • DryMerge by default passes users through its own OAuth gateways.
  • We recommend bringing your own OAuth client id and secret so that your users can authenticate with your app directly.
  • To do this, go to and edit the OAuth Config section. You can see which services you currently have OAuth clients on this interface as well as add new ones.

Authenticating Users to Your Backend

  • By passing metadata arguments when you instantiate a tenant session, you can associate metadata with a user.
  • When DryMerge constructs workflows, it will be aware of this per-user metadata and will be capable of passing it to your backend when necessary.
  • Control over how metadata is passed to your backend can be configured via natural language in the Integration Config section.